Thursday, May 08, 2014

GBA Spanish class travels on a Service Learning Trip to Peru

I took 8 students and four parents on a journey through Lima and Machu Picchu.  The highlights from this trip include two days of meaningful service and insightful activities in the Sacred Valley. While taking in the breathtaking sights and sounds from atop the mighty Andes, we volunteered at a local school, participated in local agricultural projects and discovered the ancient traditional weaving techniques used to this day from community members.
Here is a brief article that I wrote for the Greenbrier Academy for Girls newsletter in April 2014:

Dear Parents,

Recently some of our girls were able to take a trip to Peru. It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun. I am completely satisfied with the trip. The students took advantage of every opportunity to connect with Peruvians from distinct regions, from the indigenous Quechuan culture to the city surfers. I asked the girls to reflect on their experience, and Bella said:

"This trip definitely gave me more insight into the lives of people in other countries. It was fascinating to see how some parts of the country were pretty similar to ours (the more urban areas), while the villages and country sides seemed almost like a different planet. It changed my perspective of our culture and how I should lead my life to be more content. While a lot of the trip was simply fun, the overall experience was more than just fun, it was inspiring. I would absolutely recommend for other students to go."

I wouldn't change a thing if asked to go again!!


Michele McNickle, Spanish Teacher

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