Sunday, April 05, 2015

Service Learning Trip to Dominican Republic

      March of 2015 was a special month for my students and I, as we traveled to Dominican Republic on a Service Learning trip.  This was the second service learning trip that I organized for Greenbrier Academy students and it felt equally as successful as the 2014 trip to Peru.
     During our nine day trip, we visited various cities and towns within the DR.  We completed three service projects: planting pine trees at an environmental university; teaching English at a village elementary school; and repairing trails in a remote village.  In addition to the service portion of the trip, we were able to spend time on the beach learning to surf.
     Being a lead tour director on these trips has allowed my students an authentic experience to speak Spanish and contribute to our world in a meaningful way.  They returned back from the Dominican Republic inspired to make a difference.

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